How Cannabis Can Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

There’s nothing better than sharing a little herb with your boo. Here are 10 reasons why cannabis will take your relationship to the next level.
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We’ve said it before: couples that smoke together, stay together. Cannabis can improve communication, foster intimacy, fight stress, and help you reconnect. With all of those benefits, who wouldn’t want to share their next bowl with their partner? If you need a little convincing, here are 10 ways weed will improve your relationship. 

1. Helps you relax

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Chronic stress is one way to kill a relationship fast. If you’re constantly overworked and don’t have nearly enough downtime, cannabis can help you unwind. Rather than take your stress out on your partner, you can simply take a few puffs off a vape instead. This means fewer unnecessary fights and allows you to sneak in a couple more hours of quality time.

2. Increases intimacy

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Some of the best conversations are cannabis-inspired. This means that you’ll get to know your partner better and encourages bonding. The more you’re able to open up, communicate, and share life experiences, the more intimate you will become.

While it’s obviously possible to have deep conversations without cannabis, the herb inspires a new perspective. You’ll find yourself filled with thoughts and ideas that have never occurred to you before.

3. Improves arousal

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All of that relaxation and intimacy leads to a greater appreciation of your partner in bed. When you feel relaxed and comfortable, you’re more likely to have positive and meaningful sexual experiences. In some people,  cannabis and sex have an off-and-on relationship.

You might find that you’re feeling a little frisky shortly after smoking, yet the desire passes the longer you wait. Timing your pre-romp smoke sesh or opting for a strain with a lower THC content can help you get the results you want.

If you’re really interested in lighting the fire, you might want to give some of this DIY lube a try.

4. Bring more humor into your relationship

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Laughing feels good. Laughing with your partner is even better. Even research has foundthat couples who laugh together are more likely to be satisfied with their partners. Laughter improved relationship quality, caused people to feel closer and made couples feel like they had greater social support. Sounds like an all around win, really.

5. Helps you enjoy the mundane

5 how cannabis improves relationships meal 10 Lowkey Ways Weed Will Improve Your Relationship
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Cannabis causes the release of pleasure compounds in your brain and body. This is one reason why food tastes so much better with cannabis than it does without. These pleasure hormones make simple activities like a dinner date or even a home-cooked meal far more enjoyable.

The herb increases satisfaction. You’re more likely to enjoy what you’re eating or what you’re watching on TV.  It increases pleasure sensations during mundane activities like taking a walk, bath, or just hanging out. Greater enjoyment of simple pleasures helps increase intimacy.

6. Improves health

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Any sort of chronic health condition can place a major strain on a relationship. Cannabis has a wide variety of medical benefits, including pain relief, relief from inflammatory diseases, anti-depressant qualities, and can improve your quality of life in general. The herb takes the edge off of what may feel like a constant elephant in the room.

It can help you get your life back. It brings you back to earth when you’re experiencing intense pain and stress. Cannabis lifts some of the burdens off of your relationship. This is something that both you and your family will be grateful for.

7. Makes things more fun

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There’s nothing sillier than a cannabis-inspired adventure. A hike, a night out, or just about any other recreational activity can be made better with some herb. People already drink heavily before they hit the club and camping trips are often incomplete without some beer. But, cannabis creates a similar and enjoyable social bonding experience with less harm.

You won’t have a crazy hangover the next day. People can get kind of mean or grouchy as alcohol begins to wear off. Cannabis does not have that effect, so you can really enjoy every moment of whatever you’re doing without hiccup.

8. Can make for a great project

8 how cannabis improves relationships plant 10 Lowkey Ways Weed Will Improve Your Relationship
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Growing a cannabis plant together, making your own infused massage oil, or experimenting with some edibles are great hobbies. All of these things give you something to work on together, with great rewards once you’re through. If you have a busy work week or don’t often get to spend time together, these simple tasks will keep you off the couch and increase the time for recreational companionship.

You’ll get to know each other better, have a few more laughs,  make shared memories, learn something new, and genuinely enjoy your time together.

9. Eases household burdens

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No one likes doing the dishes or cleaning up the yard. Yet, these boring chores miraculously become manageable after a little weed. Rather than arguing over who does what, try this instead: relax, inhale some herbal vapor, get started on a chore together. Household tasks are transformed from unfortunate obligations to an opportunity to cultivate silliness, stress relief, and bonding.

10. Helps you cope with in-laws

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If you’re married or cohabitating, holidays and major life events can drive you crazy. Perhaps you have to host a bunch of people in your house. Or, maybe you need a little help to cope with a week at Grandma’s house. Sometimes it can be hard to keep your cool. Fortunately, that’s what cannabis is for.

Sneaking away with your boo for a few puffs of a joint cultivates more compassion and intimacy between the two of you. The herb will also help you relax and stay calm in an environment where it’s hard to hold your tongue.

Cannabis is an amazing tool for increasing the intimacy and connection between you and your partner. Who wouldn’t like something that inspires you to sit back, relax, smile, and just enjoy each other’s company? The memories and experiences you will share thanks to a simple plant are invaluable. We hope you really enjoy your next smoke sesh.

How has cannabis improved your relationship? Share your story with us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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