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Netflix to Debut ‘Cooking on High,’ a New Cannabis Cooking Competition

In the latest testament to the fast-growing mainstream embrace of cannabis, Netflix this month will debut a competitive cooking show exclusively featuring dishes prepared with the herb. And not just for flavoring — under the show’s rules, all recipes must actually get you high. Netflix will unveil its newest original cooking show, “Cooking On High,” […]

What Is Shatter?

Marijuana concentrates are the latest trend when it comes to the cannabis industry. “Concentrates” is an all-encompassing term for extracts from the cannabis plant. These concentrates can come in a variety of different forms and consistencies, and are referred to by several different slang terms. Whether it’s shatter, wax, errl, oil, live resin, or dabs, they […]

10 Fun Things To Try While High

All stoners know that everything and we mean everything is better when you’re elevated on cannabis. Still some activities help you really get into an extremely focused and fun state of mind. Throwing you into a wave you never knew you could ride. Think of your favorite pastime activity; other than smoking sweet Mary, guaranteed […]

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