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Blue Dream x Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

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What could be better than the aromas of fresh baked cookies paired with the dreaminess of a super strong high? That sounds like life goals to us. If you like what you’ve read so far, you’ll really like Cookie Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines the sleepy high of Blue Dream with the incomparable flavor of GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies).

People love this daytime buzz for its long-lasting effects and incredibly high THC averages. Though they fall into a wide range, anywhere from 15% to 24%, levels typically hit around 19%. These fluffy, popcorn-shaped buds are an enticing blue-green shade and are covered in lush trichomes and light orange hairs. The sweet sugary flavors of freshly baked cookie dough and ripened blueberries are impossible not to love, as are the fruity, nutty scents as you inhale this delicious strain.

Cookies Dream offers a mix of head and body high in perfect harmony. It hits first with a cerebral rush, leaving you slightly energetic and focused. However, that phase is relatively brief as the full body relaxation and euphoric bliss sets in shortly thereafter. Energy is prevalent throughout the high, but it ebbs and flows from mind to body.


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