Nicki Minaj Gets High And Watches Her Own Music Video On Repeat

Ever since Hype Williams decided that music videos should be these lavish, body-filled, light-saturated mindscape trips where money is no object, watching them stoned has been a real blast. Be it a Missy Elliott video or that Prince one where he’s merging in and out of an animated rainbow world, smoking to music videos feels like the intended use of the medium. Nicki Minaj seems to agree, recently toking up and watching one particular music video on loop dozens of times over. Her own music video, that is.

“Last night after my shoot I got high & watched the Chun-Li video about 48 times,” tweeted Minaj in a now deleted post. “I started seein shit I never saw b4.”

Because Minaj is more of a restrained tweeter compared to peers in the hip-hop world, she deleted the testament to being just like the rest of us. Curiously, it’s not even the first time Minaj has been candid about her pot-smoking habits. Just last year, the rapper took high cloud watching to the next level, writing: “This weed had the clouds turning into actual ppl & they were doing things. They were moving around & had a life of their own. like humans.” Why that tweet makes the cut is anyone’s guess.

There are two videos for “Chun-Li”—an official one and one Minaj shot on her phone, it’s not clear which Minaj was referring to. Directed by Lady Gaga and Madonna collaborator Steven Klein, Chun-Li’s video is loosely inspired by the Street Fighter games, much like the single released last month. “Chun-Li” dropped mid-April along with “Barbie Tingz.” Both tracks will be on Nicki Minaj’s upcoming record Queens, which will be released by Cash Money Records in June.



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