Why Weed Is My Go-To Gym Buddy

Ever since I tried weed before a crazy-hard workout for the first time, cannabis has been a frequent gym companion of mine because of its ability to help me get amped up and focused naturally. Lately, I’ve experimented with a few different weed strains and amounts, opting for light doses of sativa-dominant blends to keep me pumped up and in the game rather than stoned and ready for slumber. Here are a few of the benefits I noticed from taking a hit before hitting the gym.

Pump-Up Power

We all know the feeling: the end of the workday is just within our reach, and cocktails are starting to sound a heck of a lot better than cardio. When this happened, I used to sling back a shot of espresso, but the caffeine would leave me jittery and restless long into the night. Now, instead of reaching for the coffee, I take a quick puff of a sativa-dominant blend such as Cherry Lime or Green Crack for a mood-boosting, energized high to get me excited for my sweat sesh.

Since smoking can be harsh on the lungs before you start getting breathless at the gym, I recommend a vape pen. But if inhaling isn’t your thing, never fear. Now there are plenty of fitness-focused cannabis products ranging from edibles to oils to keep you energized before you go beast mode on the weight floor.

Keeps Me in the Zone

I know the importance of strength training, but as a fitness instructor and studio junkie myself, I find it difficult to navigate my own way around the weight room without the structure of a class. I’ve been known to wander from rack to rack, machine to machine, until boom! Time’s up! and I’m outta there. A few puffs of my go-to Girl Scout Cookie, along with a killer dumbbell strength routine, keeps me focused so I make the most of my gym hour.

Not only does weed help me get in the zone, but it also helps me zero in on each exercise so I can slow down, perfect my form, and maximize the move for a safer, more effective workout.

Helps Me Heal

Ready for a cooldown? I turn to CBD to heal my sore muscles and relax after a particularly amped-up session. Lately I have been a fan of Receptra Naturals because of its 100 percent organic growing practices and pure, tested, contaminant-free oils. A dropper full of Pro CBD formula under my tongue post-workout promotes relaxation while giving my body some much-needed anti-inflammatory relief. The added turmeric aids in muscle repair, while MCT oil stokes my fat-burning fire.

CBD doesn’t just have to be ingested or smoked to do good — I massage Receptra’s topical rub onto my knees and surgery-recovering shoulder to keep me pain-free without my old habit of popping Advil like candy.

As with any fitness routine, start low and slow. Sample different strains and products to find your ultimate workout buddy and hit the gym!

Credit: Pop Sugar

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